Steel Stud Walls

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Steel Stud Walls

We, at Pro Ceiling and Walls, offer a broad range of steel stud wall systems in and around Karrinyup, Australia. We are proud to provide a quality control process to render complete accuracy in the wall frames. We have a huge clientele of past and present customers who are highly satisfied with our services and this is what matters to us the most.

Significant factors to consider
We select the size of the steel stud wall frames based on some significant factors such as:
  • Lateral and loading
  • Shelf loading
  • Vertical loading
  • Fire rating
  • Lateral deflection
  • Vertical deflection
  • Acoustic performance

Steel stud frames are suitable for:
  • Door and window jambs
  • Ceiling systems
  • Bulkheads
  • Load and non-load bearing partition walls by design
  • Acoustic wall systems by design
  • Light weight floor joists
  • Fire-rated non-fire rated systems
  • External wall systems by design

Its special characteristics
Our steel stud wall frames possess some special features that make it unique:
  • Accessible in custom lengths
  • Almost all the stud and track frames are hemmed to ensure improved strength and safety
  • Curved walls available with flexible track
  • The gauges range fall somewhere in between 0.50 to 1.15BMT
  • The range of profile widths is 51-150mm
  • External wall framing system is made from 1.2BMT G500
  • BlueScope steel manufactured, minimum coating Z275

Benefits of installing steel stud wall frames
Once you get our frames installed, you will experience the benefits like:
  • Increased durability even in rough Australian conditions
  • Highly fireproof
  • No shrinking, rotting or threat of termites or moulds
  • The frames are straight and strong
  • The materials used are in accordance to the high standards of consistency and strength
  • Light weight structure

When installing steel stud walls in your home or commercial property, we ensure proven techniques are implemented. To talk about the maximum height of the system, it is decided based on the sound engineering principles. It considers the Building Code of Australia and other suitable Australian standards.

At Pro Ceiling and Walls, complementary components like curved tracks and noggin tracks are available in different sizes. It helps us solve almost every situation even the internal drywall partitions based on the application.
Why more waiting? Get our steel stud wall services and protect your walls from shrinking, rotting and moulds.
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In the last couple of years we have worked on hundreds of projects big and small, yielding satisfactory results. We believe in giving our 100% in whatever we do. Here are some of our recent projects to help you build trust and have confidence in us.
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