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PlasterBoard Service 

Pro Ceiling and Walls provides plasterboard in Karrinyup for both residential and commercial properties. Plasterboard is a kind of ceiling lining board and internal wall for lightweight construction foundation properties.

Our range of plasterboard is in accordance to the plasterboard market, which is split into two categories for commercial and residential buildings. Each of them constitute of:

Select Range: These are the types of boards used for most non-specialist ceiling and wall constructions.

Specialty Options: This set is categorised for ceiling and wall systems specified with higher performance levels.

How are plasterboards made?

Plasterboard is a kind of sheet made up by a machine, consisting of a gypsum core encased in a heavy liner paper. The gypsum core is formed by initially combining a foaming agent, gypsum and a gentle sedimentary rock to make a wet plaster mix. Following this, the plaster mix is layered over a thick sheet of paper, enveloping the plaster with sides of the paper.

Another paper is placed on top of the plaster to make a plaster sandwich which is then dried in an oven. The dried board is cut into lengths and ready to use. The last piece of plasterboard has two cut edges and two edges enveloped by the paper sides.

At Pro Ceiling and Walls, we not only provide standard plasterboards but also consider our customer’s need and customise the boards whenever possible. This is done using developed technologies to meet your needs and requirements. Our advance core technology helps in production of lightweight boards with high breaking strength. Our plasterboards are certified by Good Environment Choice Australia (GECA) which allows creating plasterboards with greater standards of recycling efficiency.

Installation of plasterboard

Our team of installers reach the site once the plasterboard is ready to install. The sheets of plasterboard are settled on the steel frames or timber with help of an acrylic adhesive and plasterboard nails or screws. The ends are covered with a tape and clean compound system. It is them made ready to paint or decorate, giving the last finishing touch.
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