Grid Tile Ceilings

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Grid Tile Ceilings

Pro Ceiling and Walls, along with its various ceiling services, provides grid tile ceiling in Karrinyup to its valuable customers. The size of all our ceiling tiles is 600mm x 1200mm having square edges that suits almost all exposed grid systems.

Exposed grid ceiling systems

Also referred as suspended or dropped ceiling, it is generally a secondary ceiling which is formed with the interlocking grid having aluminium frames suspended by the concrete slab place on the rods above. The ceiling conceals ducts and other unsightly fixtures from the above slab.

You need not worry about the suspension rods as they are easily adjustable with the slab variations. The level of the ceiling is generally formed using lasers. The new ceiling tiles are dropped into these frames, forming a tiled ceiling with the frames still visible. It allows space for lights, fire sprinklers and air conditioning.

Installation of Grid tile ceiling
At Pro Ceiling and Walls, we offer two easy and accepted ways of installation using simple tools:
  • Easy up installation
  • Adhesive system installation

The ceiling tiles of mineral fiber are directly fixed over a ceiling. It doesn’t require any grid during installation process.

Easy up installation
Our easy up installation system is a safer, faster and easier method of installing ceiling tiles. It is a covered or like mostly referred ‘concealed system’ providing strength on wood furring strips and higher dimensional stability.

Steps to follow:
  • Attach the metal tracks to ceiling joists
  • Place the clips
  • Set the tiles in position and push in the clips to fix

This system comes with an installation warranty limited to 30 years which is surely an advantage over the other method.

Adhesive installation
If you want us to install the ceiling tiles with the adhesive installation, we will surely help you out. When installing the mineral fiber tiles directly on the plaster ceiling or drywall, we use high quality adhesives showing proven results.

If you want to do it yourself, you can by going through the instructions of usage and application on the adhesive product. You must ensure that the plaster ceiling or drywall is even and smooth while installing using adhesives.

Advantages of a grid tile ceiling
  • Easily installed without any complications
  • Increased ceiling height
  • Smooth access to electrical and plumbing
  • No risk of water damage and rust
  • Time and money saving
Get our grid tiles ceiling services at reasonable rates. Call us now!

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