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A bulkhead is a special kind of ceiling design for which plasterboard is used by a designer to get it done for an area. The created ceiling seems dropping down from that part. At Pro Ceiling and Walls, we provide you with bulkhead ceiling services to make your home more beautiful, safe and appealing.

Use of bulkheads

Conceal specific services: Nowadays, air-conditioning, roof plumbing and electrical wiring are common setting in all houses and buildings. Installing a bulkhead ceiling, helps keep these services in disguise with style.

Changing ceiling heights: Based on the total height of a ceiling, a bulkhead can make space in center of various open areas. All you need to do is connect us with your builder and we will discuss the rest.

Stylish feature: It can be used as a stylish feature in your property. Lighting a large room, hall or kitchen through bulkheads gives a bright and beautiful ambiance to your home.

Advantages of having a bulkhead
Bulkhead ceiling has got several important advantages such as:
  • Adds style and beauty to your interiors
  • Can be removed easily in times of repair
  • Economical and better than renovation
  • Available in different colours and materials
  • Allows easy installation of lights
  • Provides soundproofing
  • Easy to install
  • Conceals different services like roof plumbing, electrical wires, etc

Bulkheads are the latest way of putting life to modern homes through unlimited applications. You can use it for any part of your home – kitchen, dining area, living area, study room, etc. For a kitchen in an open plan setting, it defines the part tastefully. Using a recessed light feature for a bulkhead makes it more beautiful.

At Pro Ceiling and Walls, we possess great knowledge and experience in installing bulkhead ceilings. We have served hundreds of clients in plaster bulkhead projects yielding successful and satisfactory results. We have installed bulkheads in various homes and commercial buildings. You can have a look at our recent projects to have confidence on our punctual and ethical work approach.
Want to have a bulkhead ceiling for your living area or kitchen? Pro Ceiling and walls is here to help!
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